Student Testimonials

“Great practical learning – what I was looking for – very skilled instructor who executed a warm, non-judgmental learning environment.” - Student, Mindful Meditation (May/15)

“Larry was great at customizing the class to the students’ specific needs and questions.” - Student, Know Your Camera (Oct/15) 

“Edna is amazing and very knowledgeable about all aspects of photography. The Time just zipped by!” - Student, Take it to the Streets Close up at the Muttart (May/15)

"Jordan was a lot of fun and easy to learn from. Really enjoyed this intro class. Learned more than I had expected to.” - Student, Brave Enough for Ballroom (Mar/14) 

“Thank you very much! You helped me feel confident about the back to work process after 5+ years away!” - Student, Back to the Workplace (Nov/15)

“Our instructor was awesome! He explained everything fully and well. He allowed us to ask questions and checked that we were all following along. He helped us whenever we required it.” - Student, Excel 2013 Level 1 (Nov/15)

“Loved the class! Christi made chalk painting so approachable with her hands-on style. Can’t wait to start my next project! Thanks so much.” - Student, Furniture Re-chic (Nov/15) 

"The class helped reinforce things I learned through the year, and brought up things I had never learned too!" - Student, Social Studies 30 Diploma Prep

"Very informative, gave me a good insight on the many responsibilities and involvement on taking on the 'executor' position on a Will." - Student, Being an Executor (Nov/11)

“Very informative – the instructor spoke in terms that were understandable and was willing to answer questions and repeat information. Very affordable as well.”  - Student, Estate Planning for Blended Families (Oct/15)

“Fantastic and informative. Shane is a master at tailoring the course to meet your demands. Always full of tips, advice, and humour. Informative night as always.” - Student, Managing the Cycle of Meltdowns for People with ASD (Nov/15)

“Two amazing resources with these instructors! Wish there was more time to tap into their wealth of knowledge. Very clear and concise.” - Student, Verbal De-escalating and Responding Professionaly (Dec/15)

“The content covered was very useful and presented in a way that was easy to understand and follow. May was a fantastic instructor.” - Student, Basic French Level 1 (Sep/14)

“I really enjoyed taking this course and becoming more knowledgeable in Spanish. I feel more comfortable going to Mexico now for vacation. Thank you!” - Student, Basic Spanish Level I (Sep/15)

"Had a great time and I know a little more about picking a good wine for my next dinner party!" - Student, Wine Appreciation (Oct/15)

“Very informative, lots of laughs, tons of fun! FANTASTIC!” - Student, Introduction to Sushi (Feb/15)

“The flavours were wonderful and the recipes seemed simple – not overwhelming.” - Student, Taste of Italy (Nov/15)

"I would recommend this course to anyone, it is excellent." - Student, Everyone Can Draw (Oct/11)

"One of the best teachers I've ever had, he was funny yet professional and very knowledgable about the course." - Math 30-1 summer student

"The teacher really makes class interesting and I have a higher mark in English than I've had in 3 years." - English 30-1 summer student

"The teacher was great, always there before and after school if extra help was needed. Made his way to everyone who needed help during class." - Science 10 summer student

"An amazing teacher; her teaching was clear, and she made the class feel comfortable with each other and with the content we were learning." - Math 20-1 summer student

"I think summer school is really great. It sucks to give up part of your summer but it's worth it." - Math 20-2 summer student

"I graduated 4 years ago with average level in Math 30-2. The teacher really helped me start to understand." - Math 30-1 summer student

"The lectures were in depth, instructor was great. Overall I think I learned a lot in the past 20 days." - Social Studies 20-1 summer student

"BEST TEACHER EVER! Made Social fun and enjoyable." - Social Studies 30-1 summer student

"The course provided me with the materials needed with an enthusiastic approach. I felt this course was worth the time and hard work that was required." - Biology 20 summer student

"My teacher was really great, his enthusiasm added to my learning experience and he helped me to do well in the course." - Physics 20 summer student

"I would like to take this class again just for the fun of it!" - Phys Ed 10 summer student

"It's really great to earn some credits in a fun way. I loved canoeing, exploring and hiking!" - Extreme CALM/PE10 summer student

"I really enjoyed the course! My teacher was awesome - really fun. The content and presentations were very interesting and I learned a lot and met a lot of great new people." - CALM summer student

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